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"Chipcoin (CHIP) is a cryptocurrency for GPU miners, stakers and collectors. With our positive mindset and experience in the field, CHIP will be developed and grown into a unique and feature rich cryptocurrency."


Not bound by rules or legislation, Chipcoin is available to mine or stake for everyone. There are no central parties involved. We're a decentralized digital cryptographic currency.


Chipcoin utilizes hashing power of mining and staking peers to secure the blockchain. The transaction validation process is called mining. For each block of transactions validated, the miners receive a reward.

Short Circuit

Chipcoin has a rather special Proof of Stake block reward scheme called "Short Circuit". Meaning, you can lock up inputs to prevent them from staking, and link the locking time to the staking reward payment table.

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The Chipcoin network operates on a cryptographic peer to peer protocol. All blocks, transactions and addresses are public on it's own independent blockchain.

ASIC Resistant

Chipcoin uses the X17 hashing algorithm. This hashing manner utilizes a total of seventeen scientific algorithms. X17 is currently ASIC resistant and GPU friendly.


Sending and receiving Chipcoin is very fast. Deposits are almost instantly credited into your wallet.

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About Us

Project Vision, Future and History.

Here at Chipcoin headquarters, project development is an ongoing process. Delivering user-friendliness and simplicity is our main goal and vision. Our focus primarily leans towards providing a smooth and seamless experience.

Various projects are planned to realise and strengthen this goal and vision. Take a look at our Roadmap for a list of upcoming developments and releases. Community-related promotional projects are also available to contribute in growing our userbase.

Chipcoin runs on it's own private blockchain. We are not depended on other blockchains to move transactions in our network.

This gives us total freedom and no limitations in our development planning and software implementation. A true decentralized blockchain experience.

Chipcoin originates from 2015, when a user under the pseudonym "Chips" presented this coin on the Bitcointalk forum. After he left the project, and the coin was taken over, it was rebranded to function as an exchange profit sharing token. Unfortunately, that all changed after new laws regarding exchanges were introduced in the EU, and it was not feasible anymore for the small team we had to compete with big exchanges.

We've decided to go back to where it all started by reverting back and relaunching a customized and optimized Chipcoin core, and solely focus on the development of new and interesting blockchain features to enhance Chipcoin core and it's market position. Starting with a brand new wallet design with new functions, an asic resistant algorithm and a custom Proof of Stake reward scheme.

What Is Short Circuit?

Created for Proof of Stake enthusiasts, Short Circuit is a custom reward scheme for Proof of Stake mining. It allows you to lock your inputs and "short circuit" them from staking. The longer your funds are locked, the more CHIP you will receive in your staking reward.

Higher Payout

Locking your funds will increase your rewards based on the total lock time of the input.

Maximum Control

You decide when to lock or unlock your funds. You can access your locked funds at any time!

Long-term Holding

The locking feature is encouraging users to hold and lock their funds to earn more staking interest.

Chipcoin Accessibility Objectives

Usage And Simplicity

  • Independent Blockchain Development
  • Easy To Use And Understand Software
  • Custom Developed Wallet Features

Wallet Features

Create, collaborate, and turn your ideas into incredible products with the definitive platform for digital design.


Automatically send your minted blocks to an address of your choice. Ideal for savings and donation purposes. You can turn Multisend on or off anytime you want.

Staking Log

A widget that analyzes all your minted blocks, and displays the output in a legible table. This gives both a broad and detailed overview of your staking activities.

Stake Optimizer

Split your balance into smaller bits to optimize your staking activities. This does not influence your total balance. It does however, require a higher transaction fee.

Advanced Check & Repair

These tools check and remove corrupted transactions, orphan transactions and balance errors from your wallet. This results in an organised and clean wallet overview.

Network Statistics

Multiple charts displaying the latest difficulty, hashrate and network staking weight. Monitor your own network weight impression on the personal weight output statusbar.

Blockchain Explorer

A minimalistic version of an integrated wallet/blockchain explorer to get a quick view on blockchain data and to keep track of your personal transactions.

Information & Guides

Seperate tab with information and links about Chipcoin. Includes multiple guides on how to use different functions inside the Chipcoin wallet.

Advanced Coin Control

In addition to the CHIP lock configuration, the coin control tab is used to lock/unlock your inputs for staking and receiving the CHIP lock rewards.

Unique Wallet Design

Standing out from your regular wallet type, the Chipcoin wallet is developed and designed with user experience and function simplicity as starting points.

Chipcoin Wallet Preview

Team Members

Through our experience in blockchain related projects and applications, we develop new features and technical implementations with care and a clear vision and goal.

Core & Platform Developer
Project & Community Management
Assistant Developer